Truck Leasing & Rental Sales


If you clean and/or recondition trucks….you’ve seen it all:

• Smoke Odor

• Body Odor

• Pet Odor

• Food Odors

When they stink, you can’t rent, lease or sell them until you fix the odor problem. You can clean them but if they still stink, you’ve got problems.

With SmellZapper, you can quickly eliminate the odors without the need for time consuming and expensive alternatives that usually don’t work that well:

  • Expensive Reconditioning Contractors
  • Ozone Machines
  • Chemicals that you mix (often with a short shelf life)
  • Products that claim to work that require specialized application tools including compressors and special sprayers

With SmellZapper, a few squirts on the fabric and carpeting and the odors are gone and the car is back in the rental fleet! No special tools or challenging processes….squirt and you’re done!

SmellZapper will eliminate the odor by eliminating the source for under $1.50/truck

We guarantee you’ll be amazed by the way SmellZapper works and stand behind it with a 100% Guarantee!




Urine Odor, Feces, Vomit, Sewage, Mold and Mildew, Garbage odor & many other organically based odors.


Encapsulates then eliminates odors caused by smoke odors, cooking odors & chemically based odors.

We eliminate the source of the odor, not just mask the odor!

Bio-engineered to digest organic waste and smoke odor. Instant odor control by neutralization of the malodor by eliminating it’s source. Contains a cultured blend of live bacteria, enzymes and special bioactive solubilizing agents. Safe around pets and children. Leaves no residue behind.