Daycare Facilities


If you have infants and toddlers you know that they can be a handful and a nose full from time-to-time!  Diaper pails, accidents on carpets or in the bathrooms, spilled formula/milk and other foods can cause offensive odors.  They’re unpleasant for your staff, the children and their parents.  The way your facilities smell is a reflection on your corporate image.

Smell Zappers Bio Enzymatic formula will eliminate the odors by eliminating the source without caustic, harsh chemicals or perfumes that are unsafe to use around children.  Smell Zapper will save you money on expensive carpet cleaning and air fresheners that merely cover up the odors.  Our formula is completely safe around children and eliminates the odors!

Keep the kids safe and lose the smells with Smell Zapper.


Urine Odor, Feces, Vomit, Sewage, Mold and Mildew, Garbage odor & many other organically based odors.


Encapsulates then eliminates odors caused by smoke odors, cooking odors & chemically based odors.

You can find cheaper products but you can’t find better!

Bio-engineered to digest organic waste and smoke odor. Instant odor control by neutralization of the malodor by eliminating it’s source. Contains a cultured blend of live bacteria, enzymes and special bioactive solubilizing agents. Safe around pets and children. Leaves no residue behind.